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A great penny stocks list is your key to succeeding in your venture in stock trading.  This list will contain stock options that you find interesting and have thoroughly researched.  Most of the stocks on your list you probably won’t ever actually invest in.  However, a great penny stocks list is full of different options which have been tracked over time.  You might follow a stock for months to a year before actually deciding to invest your money.  By this point, the penny stock has become more of a sure thing rather than a gamble.  Of course, every venture is still a risk but a great penny stocks list will help you increase your success.

There are many different sites online which offer free lists of hot penny stocks.  Generally, you shouldn’t trust these lists at all.  Often, it is the stock’s company which releases the information.  They do this in order to draw investors to the stock.  This in turn inflates the price of the penny stock.  Afterwards, the price drops back to its real worth and the investors lose a lot of money.  Instead, you should find a firm which will email you great penny stock lists every day.  Don’t just trust the information you see and invest instantly.  Take some time to do your research into the company.  At the very least, you should be able to track down the company’s pink sheet.  Time and experience will teach you to determine whether a penny stock list is offering you good advice or not but this is never possible without doing your research first.

For those people who are completely new to penny stocks, the whole experience can be very confusing.  Keep in mind that penny stocks are very different than regular stocks and should be treated differently.  Before you gamble with your money, it is better to seek professional help.  Hire a full service broker to assist you in making a great penny stocks list.  Of course, this service will cost you quite a high commission fee.  However, you should look at the price as an investment in knowledge which will pay off later.  If you still want to go at it alone, try a test run of your penny stocks list first.  Choose stocks to “invest” in but don’t actually put any money down.  See if your self-made great penny stocks list turned out hot or not.

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