Stocks Picks | The Difference Between Penny Stocks And Small-cap Stocks

The SEC defines a penny stock as a security that is low-priced and speculative that is traded in places such as the OTCBB and Pink Sheets. It’s not so important if a stock is traded on a major exchange or not since what really makes a penny stock what it is, is the price and not necessarily the exchange which it is traded on. Its anybody’s interpretation what exactly is a penny stock since there is no standard figure. Its generally accepted that its anything trading under a dollar. Go figure right. The biggest money to be made in these stocks is in conjunction with any news released about the stock since penny stocks are quite sensitive. Because they are so sensitive, small investors have the advantage.

There is a right way and a wrong way to play these cheap stocks. The thing to keep in mind is that any movement in the stock, in general, is amplified exponentially in penny stocks. So if the market goes up then penny stocks go up even more. If the market is down then penny stocks are way down. This is a generalization of course but an accurate one. Trading of penny stocks is influenced by the market demand in the OTC rather than the traditional stock exchange processes.

Penny stocks are bought and sold at a number of different prices. This is definitely different than normal trading prices you may be used to. This can become a headache to keep up with if you are doing some online trading and trying to buy and sell at just the right time. That is why its always a good idea to set limits so that you don’t unwittingly get burned during a transaction that was in process while prices were changing.

Penny stocks are not always as transparent as small caps are. Penny stocks do not have to abide by SEC reporting rules and so the frequency of financial statements may be erratic or nonexistent. Sometimes it seems the only thing that penny stocks are releasing is press releases to generate some stock market excitement.

The purpose of this article was not to turn you off of investing in penny stocks but simply to highlight the differences in trading and level of risk. Penny stocks will continue to present some exciting investment opportunities and attract those with a high-risk tolerance. As always never invest more than you can lose and diversify your portfolio.

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OTC Stock | Research Emerging Companies With Small Cap Stock Market News

Penny stocks are down modestly in midmorning action as the market continues to deal with liquidity concerns. Financials are reversing course from earlier gains amid continued credit woes. Treasuries are higher and remain as a safe-haven investment amid skittishness over economic strength and the credit crunch.

Monday’s Top Performing SmallCapVoice stocks included:

International Oil & Gas Holdings Corporation (Pink Sheets: IOGH) which was one of SmallCapVoice’s top performer for 8/20/07 closing up over 16% on trading volume of 256,250 shares.

International Oil & Gas Holdings Corporation recently announced that the Company has contracted to purchase a property containing a 52,000 square foot building situated on 4.8 Acres in Guymon, Oklahoma. With the addition of this building, the company’s planned biodiesel production capacity can be scaled to produce 100 million gallons of biodiesel fuel per year, a dramatic increase over current production levels.

Platina Energy Group, Inc. (OTC BB: PLTG) was another SmallCapVoice’s top performer for 8/20/07 closing up over 9% on trading volume of 471,191 shares.
Platina Energy Group, Inc. recently announced that it had reached total depth and finished drilling its first well on the Young County prospect one week ahead of schedule, and has struck oil.

Today’s Hot Stock To Watch;

S3 Investment Company, Inc. (Pink Sheets: SIVC), a holding company with two subsidiaries doing business in the China market, today announced the selection of Richardson & Patel, LLP to provide legal representation for the reverse merger clients of Redwood Capital, Inc.

Redwood Capital is a wholly owned subsidiary of S3 Investment Company which assists private Chinese companies in accessing the U.S. capital markets by utilizing a network of investment banking relationships to achieve reverse mergers into U.S. public “shell” companies.

SIVC is today’s SmallCapVoice’s hot stock to watch.

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Stocks Picks | Due Diligence For Stock Picks – Unique Tools For Stock Research

There are literally hundreds of financial websites designed to assist investors in performing due diligence and investment research on potential stock picks. We’ve searched the most popular sites to come up with a list of unique tools that are free to the public and can help investors make more informed decisions. These resources provide investors with the tools to evaluate everything from which analysts have the most accurate earnings estimates to which companies are doing the best job of raising awareness within the investment community.

Unique Free Research Tools

Corporate Governance Ratings – Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS) rates the corporate governance of thousands of public companies. These ratings help investors understand which companies have more shareholder-friendly approaches to issues such as board structure, equity compensation, and proxy access. The ISS ratings are available on Yahoo! Finance under the “Profile” page for a each stock symbol.

The Nasdaq Dozen – The Nasdaq website provides a 12-step process for analyzing the merits of a stock that takes into account factors such as technical, fundamental, and sector analysis. The Nasdaq Dozen can be accessed at

Investor Awareness Ratings – Determining which companies are most effectively generating awareness among portfolio managers, research analysts and retail investors can provide an edge in identifying a successful investment opportunity. The Investor Awareness Index at evaluates the comprehensiveness and effectiveness of the investor awareness initiatives of more than 3,000 companies and rates them on a 0-10 scale.

StockScouter – Stockscouter ( is a tool provided by MSN that is a quick and easy way to measure a stock’s potential. Stockscouter compares the fundamental and technical qualities of stocks to measures that have proven statistically predictive of stock performance in the past. StockScouter then assigns a rating on a scale of 1-10 that reflects the stock’s expected risk and return.

Valuation Methodologies – Motley Fool offers a series of articles designed to help investors better understand the stock valuation process. The articles discuss a wide variety of valuation methodologies including those based on earnings, revenue, cash flow, equity, and yield. The articles can be viewed at

Analyst Accuracy – StarMine tracks the earnings estimates for each stock and compiles a list of the research analysts who demonstrate the most accuracy with their projections. This list can help determine which analysts you should pay the most attention to when evaluating a particular company. StarMine’s data can be found on Yahoo! Finance under the “Star Analysts” page for each stock symbol.

Short Interest – The level of short interest in a stock helps an investor understand how bearish the market is about a particular company, while also revealing which stocks might potentially benefit from a “short squeeze.” Short interest is reported every two weeks and Nasdaq provides a look at the trends in short interest going back a full year. The short interest trends can be accessed at Nasdaq’s site by entering a stock’s ticker symbol and selecting “Short Interest” from the pull-down menu.

Mutual Fund Ratings – Research tools for individual stocks are readily available, but resources to evaluate the performance of mutual funds are harder to come by. Morningstar ( rates thousands of mutual funds from one to five stars based on how well they’ve performed (after adjusting for risk and accounting for all sales charges) in comparison to similar funds.

Stocks Picks | Leading Penny Stock Investments – How To Find Them

People are always looking for the leading penny stock investments. This is usually the main goal of people investing in penny stocks. If they find them, then they are going to make some serious money quick. The problem is most people don’t have the experience, and investing knowledge to find these profitable stocks. The majority of people see penny stocks as a get rich quick opportunity, they invest their money blindly based on gut feelings then they end up losing there money. The 20/80 principle takes place in penny stocks. This means that 20% of investors have 80% of the wealth. So we going to find the leading penny stock investments?

First of all, you need to be resourceful as you possibly can and spend a lot of time researching. Some tools that successful investors use is stock newsletters. You subscribe to one of these, and usually about once a week they will send you stock picks. These newsletters are gold, and they will increase your success percentage. They are are backed by tons of research and information and are really valuable resource. However, once you get your stock picks I suggest doing a little bit of research before you invest in one these leading penny stock investments.

While stock newsletters are a good tool, stock picking software is awesome. If you are going to use one way and one way only to pick your stocks, this is your best bet. These programs can outperform any human mind when it comes to researching. They can analyze hundreds of stocks a minute, and with this information they can predict which stocks will be profitable. These programs will give you accurate stocks picks 4/5 times. In penny stocks anything over 50% is great. This is the best way to find the leading penny stock investments.

I’ve been trading penny stock for a couple years now and have been quite successful. If you are looking for a way to increase your penny stock profits I recommend getting your hands on Penny Stock Software. This has really helped my penny stock career and I think it can help yours too. You can learn more about penny stock software and newsletters on my page MyDoublingStocks. Hopefully this information will be of some use to you. Good luck.

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Buy Penny Stocks | Penny Stock Basics – How To Buy Penny Stocks

This brief article will provide you with information on how to buy penny stocks. It will also familiarize you with language used by stock investors and provide access to additional information.
Penny stocks (aka; micro cap and small cap) are common stock that trade for less than five dollars per share and are traded over the counter (OTC). Trading through OTC simply means that they are traded off-exchange, directly between two parties; you and the company selling the stock shares.

Small cap stocks are traded using quotation services like OTC Bulletin Board (OTCBB) or the Pink Sheets. These services are used to quote current trade prices for each stock.

Getting Started With Penny Stocks

Initially, your best investment will be time spent learning about the nature of micro cap trading. Quality investor education material and information can be worth it’s weight in gold.

Next, you will want to find a good penny stock broker. Here are a few of the better brokers I have dealt with include Zecco, Low Trades, and Scottrade. All three offer great options for small, beginning investors.

Once your trading account is established, you will want to continue reading and learning. At this time, you should also consider doing some paper trades. Paper trading allows you to get a good feel for placing trade orders (picks) without risking any of your investment capital.

A lot of hype artist will try to convince you that penny stocks are some type of get rich quick scheme. Don’t believe it! Pennystocks represent a legitimate investment and require the same time and attention as regular stock investing.

While it is true that large fortunes have been made through micro cap investing – it’s the exception rather than the norm. That being said, you can still earn good income with the proper strategies and a small under $200 nest egg.

The big advantage with penny stocks is that you can generally realize greater returns on relatively small investments. Also, because the stocks can sell for pennies to a few dollars, it somewhat protects you against huge and potentially devastating losses.

While this introductory article gets you pointed in the right direction, be sure to investigate the links in the resource box. They will direct you valuable penny stock information and resources.

By: Calvin Merrick

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Penny Stock | How To Find Quality Penny Stock Reports Online

With a large number of people investing their hard earned savings in stocks, there is a big need to get into the habit of investigating which stocks are the best ones to invest in. As a result, those investing in penny stocks are constantly on the lookout for reports on this subject to help them make their investment choice.

As the name suggests, a penny stock is a stock that trades at a very low price. But there are high risks involved and if you do not understand them properly, it could result in severe losses. The lack of information on the subject is one of the major factors that make these stocks very risky. This is why it is vital to do proper research before investing in these.

If you want to be sure your investment doesn’t fail, you should make sure you have complete information on your chosen stocks from reliable sources. The question that arises here is this – which are the most dependable sources through which you can access reports on these stocks online? The answer is clear… the websites dealing with topics related to online stock trading.

It is advisable to research every possible nook and cranny of the internet to gather information on the topic. The simplest way of doing so is to post your query in the top search engines available on the internet and to carefully study their results. Type in your keywords and within minutes you will have pages of websites dealing with the subject.

Some of the websites are general portals with information related to various aspects of money and finance. A few are specialized niches dedicated explicitly to stocks and can give you all the details about penny stocks and their prices, with a word of advice on which is the best pick. Many of these websites are performing a great job of keeping investors abreast with the latest stock news and hence can be a great source of genuine information.

If you frequent the websites dedicated in particular to penny stocks you can find out the latest information on them as these are updated all through the day. Because of this they tend to contain more information on stocks than any other online portal. Information on the subject can also be taken from discussions on online forums, news updates on stocks on the internet and newsgroups, besides a host of online financial publications as well.

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