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OTC Stock | Research Emerging Companies With Small Cap Stock Market News

stocks are down modestly in midmorning action as the market continues to deal with liquidity concerns. Financials are reversing course from earlier gains amid continued credit woes. Treasuries are higher and remain as a safe-haven investment amid skittishness over economic strength and the credit crunch.

Mondays Top Performing SmallCapVoice stocks included:

International Oil & Gas Holdings Corporation (Pink Sheets: IOGH) which was one of SmallCapVoices top performer for 8/20/07 closing up over 16% on trading volume of 256,250 shares.

International Oil & Gas Holdings Corporation recently announced that the Company has contracted to purchase a property containing a 52,000 square foot building situated on 4.8 Acres in Guymon, Oklahoma. With the addition of this building, the companys planned biodiesel production capacity can be scaled to produce 100 million gallons of biodiesel fuel per year, a dramatic increase over current production levels.

Platina Energy Group, Inc. (OTC BB: PLTG) was another SmallCapVoices top performer for 8/20/07 closing up over 9% on trading volume of 471,191 shares.
Platina Energy Group, Inc. recently announced that it had reached total depth and finished drilling its first well on the Young County prospect one week ahead of schedule, and has struck oil.

Todays Hot Stock To Watch;

S3 Investment Company, Inc. (Pink Sheets: SIVC), a holding company with two subsidiaries doing business in the China market, today announced the selection of Richardson & Patel, LLP to provide legal representation for the reverse merger clients of Redwood Capital, Inc.

Redwood Capital is a wholly owned subsidiary of S3 Investment Company which assists private Chinese companies in accessing the U.S. capital markets by utilizing a network of investment banking relationships to achieve reverse mergers into U.S. public shell companies.

SIVC is todays SmallCapVoices hot stock to watch.

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About SmallCapVoice

SmallCapVoice is a recognized corporate investor relations firm, with clients nationwide, known for its ability to help emerging growth companies build a following among retail and institutional investors. utilizes its stock newsletter to feature its daily stock picks, audio interviews, as well as its clients financial news releases. also offers individual investors with all the tools they need to make informed decisions about the stocks they are interested in. Tools like our stock charts, stock alerts, and our investor fact sheets can assist with investing in stocks that are traded on the OTC BB and Pink Sheets.

By: Stuart T. Smith

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Stuart T. Smith

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Stocks Picks | Reviews Of Best Stock Pick Softwares

Stock investors today are so leery of stocks today that they are now looking for better ways to choose stock investments during times of uncertain. To that end, many investors are looking for the best stock pick software applications available in order to make better, more informed stock selections. Of course, there are several best stock pick software applications being offered in the market today.

Among these popular stock pick softwares, investors are increasingly turning to the Doubling Stocks program because of the program’s accuracy. The Doubling Stocks program is listed among the best stock pick software applications because of the background of the program’s designers and the tremendous success rate the program offers when it comes to selecting promising stocks.

While many stock pick software reviews offer hopeful information about the best stock pick software applications, few of the best stock pick software programs can compare to the offerings supplied by the Doubling Stocks application. The best stock pick software application, Doubling Stocks, is a program/robot that has been created by Michael and Carl; the application is literally a robot which helps the investor to pick stocks and the “robot” is identified as “Marl:” a unification of the creators’ names. Carl and Michael, the creators of the Doubling Stocks program creators also created the Global Alpha model for stock trading which was later contracted by Goldman Sachs. The latter software program helps in gaining the company more than 4 billion in yearly trading profits.

Doubling Stocks is an application that is easy to sign up for, inexpensive, and amazingly accurate. Priced right around the cost of some of the best stock pick software on the market today, investors get more for their buck when participating in the Doubling Stocks program. The “Marl” robot seeks out stocks with the potential of doubling overnight and is capable of processing nearly two million math calculations every second. While purchasing a license for the “Marl” robot is tremendously expensive, participating in the Doubling Stocks program which is based upon Marl’s predictions is not.

Doubling Stocks is a program considered one of the best stock pick software application because it aids investors in choosing stocks with ease. Offering a full lifetime of accurate stock picking information, participation in this program and the regular receipt of a lifetime worth of stock picks is just under $50.00 and therefore reasonably priced. Investors purchasing membership and program information are also supplied with a 60 day guarantee; if dissatisfied with the program the investor gets a full refund with no questions asked.

To learn more about best stock pick software, I recommend you checking out Stock Advice


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Penny Stock | Penny Stock Pumps & Promotions Whats The Best Way To Trade Them?

I know how to trade penny stock pump and dumps. There is a certain way to screen out the picks that will most definitely be losers. If you can screen out the losers, then you are left with the winners. I can give you some general guidelines to help you become a successful penny trader by leveraging the power of the pump.

If you take a stock that has been lying dormant for several months, with almost no trading volume, and introduce this stock to thousands of investors or traders who like to take on high risk/high reward type stocks, you have the potential for a massive percentage gain in that particular equity/stock.

What would bring about this type of situation for a stagnant stock? A paid promotion, of course. These are also referred to as pumps by those well versed in the realm of penny stock trading. Penny pumps are a consistent occurrence in todays market. During the bear market of 2008 these types of stock promotions almost came to a standstill, but things are back to normal now. Basically, a publicly traded company with cheap shares will hire a stock promoter(s) to send out emails and snail mail to people who have expressed interest in penny stocks. Its a pretty shady ordeal, and most people who buy the promoted (or pumped) stock will come out with much less money than they originally invested in the stock.

Anyways, here are a couple things to consider to screen out the bad penny picks from the good ones:

The number of shares outstanding. You can learn to evaluate how likely it is that a stock will move if you understand the share structure. There is a few other factors about share structure to consider that will enable you to rate the penny share/stock and its chances of moving up.

Who it is that is pumping/promoting the stock. From my observations, penny stocks that are promoted by certain promoters have a higher chance of ascending in price than stocks pumped by average promoters. I can not list them all in this article but I do advise members of my site on this factor.

If you want to try to trade a few penny promotions on your own you are very brave. However if you arm yourself with some special techniques and facts you not only be a brave penny stock trader, but you will be a profitable one as well. I offer 3 free penny stock recommendations to members of my site, and I also will give you some useful nuggets of information to help you become an ultra successful investor/trader.

Written By Matt Morris, Editor of the best penny stock newsletter in existence. I am one of the few penny-newsletter-guys that do not accept compensation to pump penny stocks. Sign up for 3 free Penny Stock Picks here.

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Stocks Picks | Great Penny Stocks Picks Advice

A great penny stocks list is your key to succeeding in your venture in stock trading.  This list will contain stock options that you find interesting and have thoroughly researched.  Most of the stocks on your list you probably won’t ever actually invest in.  However, a great penny stocks list is full of different options which have been tracked over time.  You might follow a stock for months to a year before actually deciding to invest your money.  By this point, the penny stock has become more of a sure thing rather than a gamble.  Of course, every venture is still a risk but a great penny stocks list will help you increase your success.

There are many different sites online which offer free lists of hot penny stocks.  Generally, you shouldn’t trust these lists at all.  Often, it is the stock’s company which releases the information.  They do this in order to draw investors to the stock.  This in turn inflates the price of the penny stock.  Afterwards, the price drops back to its real worth and the investors lose a lot of money.  Instead, you should find a firm which will email you great penny stock lists every day.  Don’t just trust the information you see and invest instantly.  Take some time to do your research into the company.  At the very least, you should be able to track down the company’s pink sheet.  Time and experience will teach you to determine whether a penny stock list is offering you good advice or not but this is never possible without doing your research first.

For those people who are completely new to penny stocks, the whole experience can be very confusing.  Keep in mind that penny stocks are very different than regular stocks and should be treated differently.  Before you gamble with your money, it is better to seek professional help.  Hire a full service broker to assist you in making a great penny stocks list.  Of course, this service will cost you quite a high commission fee.  However, you should look at the price as an investment in knowledge which will pay off later.  If you still want to go at it alone, try a test run of your penny stocks list first.  Choose stocks to “invest” in but don’t actually put any money down.  See if your self-made great penny stocks list turned out hot or not.

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Stocks Picks | Small Business And Sole Proprietorship

Many businesses are sole proprietorships, firms owned and operated by a single person. When a person decides to open an independent business, that person is then entirely responsible for its success or failure. Any profits go to the owner; any losses are his or her responsibility as well. If the losses prove to be greater than the investment, the individual is responsible for paying them, even if this depletes all personal assets.

One of the advantages of a sole proprietorship is that an owner can make decisions quickly and decisively without having to consult others. And an individual proprietor, by law, pays fewer taxes and at a lower rates than does a corporation.

There are disadvantages to this form of business organization, however. A sole proprietorship ends with the incapacity or death of the owner. A person who may then become the operator can inherit the assets, but legally the business dies with its owner. Also, since it is dependent upon the amount of money the owner has saved or can borrow, usually it does not develop into a large-scale enterprise.

In spite of its limitations, the sole proprietorship is well adapted to many kinds of small businesses and suits the temperament of many persons who like to exercise initiative and be their own bosses. Some of the economic contributions of small business are, a small business is often the starting point for developing a new product or service. One person tries out an idea. If it is successful, the business grows, or a larger firm may buy the product.

Small business can give an individual a chance to gain experience, which the person may use later on a larger scale. Small businesses are particularly well suited for meeting specialized local needs.

Artisans can provide individualized products fro customers who have grown weary of mass produced goods. Small businesses provide service where knowing ones customers is important. Sole proprietors are reassuring to customers who believe an individual who is accountable will do a good job.

Small businesses often grow into larger ones, adding to the economic vitality of the nation. Small business advocates contend that 55 percent of American technical innovation comes from small and medium size businesses. Certainly many of the creative innovators in the American computer industry, including those who built successful companies in what is now known as Silicon valley, California, started out as tinkerers working on hand-assembled machines in their garages. They have become part of American business lore. By any measurement, small businesses are an important part of the ferment, the creativity, and the competition that provide new strength to the American economy.

Of course, it is true that small businesses often fail. But in the United States failure of a small business venture does not carry with it the social stigma or opprobrium for the failed entrepreneur that it does in some countries. Often, failure of a small business venture turns out to be a valuable learning experience for the entrepreneur, who may be more successful the second or third time. Unsuccessful attempts to start a business become part of the larger process of sorting out the market and making it more efficient, according to small business experts.

By: Elton John

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John Elton owns and operates a Best Penny Stocks Picks website to help other investors with their stock decisions. He also operates a Home Based Business earn money online site to help entrepreneurs gain experience and wealth.

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2010 March | Penny Stocks List

There are a ton of definitions out there for what exactly a penny stock is. The general accepted definition by both the public and the SEC is a stock priced under $5 a share. Usually a penny stock doesnt have much of a history behind it and the company as a whole is valued at $4 million dollars or less.

Many young companies start out as penny stocks and eventually climb out of penny stock status. Many other companies wait to go public until their stock is already worth more than the penny stock range. The difference usually lies in the need for investment capital.

For example, if you are young company worth $.005 a share right now but need some working capital in order to expand your business then you can go public in hopes of generation some additional capital. This can work out quite well for both the investor and the company if it is a promising stock.

Companies whose stocks are penny stocks can be a risky investment. The value of their stock is usually a combination of speculation and real futuristic analysis, sometimes more speculation. Also, a great company will not necessarily make a great investment.

Penny stocks do serve a purpose and should not be simply discounted as a gamble. They serve to help reputable yet financially needy companies expand and grow into a sizeable company that they would not have become otherwise without investor help. The best penny stocks also benefit wise investors looking for a higher rate of return that typically cannot be found in other types of stocks.

Of course you must be on the lookout for those who would use penny stocks for another purpose, to take your money and run. Opportunities where quick money can be made will always attract shady characters. So learn the ropes first and learn to recognize when someone is just trying to push you to buy a stock so they can quickly sell and run with the money.

When searching for a good penny stock to invest in it is best to follow the leaders. Go to websites and forums where people are staying on top of the next hot stock. Once again beware of those trying to make a quick buck. After awhile youll start to know a legitimate stock recommendation when you see one. Search phrases like best penny stocks or penny stock picks in Google will bring up a number of resources to look into.

By: Elton John

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John Elton owns and operates a Best Penny Stocks Picks website to help other investors with their stock decisions. He also operates a Home Based Business earn money online site to help entrepreneurs gain experience and wealth.

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